Michael Faißt

I'm Michael Faißt.

I've basically been using computers all my life. Nowadays this may be kind of normal, but back in my day it was kind of rare. I can probably thank my dad for that, because he's been working in IT and therefore I've gotten into contact with PCs very early.

My journey in programming started when I was 15 and learned programming VBA excel macros in school. I've actually failed programming class during that time (stupid teenage rebellion phases), but don't tell that to anyone 😉

But since then, I've always stuck with programming, and I still love it till this day. It's a field that always changes, new exiting tech comes out all the time and you're constanly learning new stuff. It basically never gets boring!

After university and working in various companies as a software developer, I've decided that I wanna be my own boss and founded my own in company in 2018, were we develop web, mobile and desktop apps with state of the art tech for you!

My freetime I mostly spend with my lovely family and with implementing fancy side projects. Here or there, I may even have some time with for a gaming session. I'm also quite a nerd for custom keyboards lately 😉